VirtualBox: Drag and Drop Windows 10 to Manjaro


Hi people I have installed VirtualBox in my Manjaro Deepin.
There I have Windows 10 installed.

I want drag and drop files of Windows 10 (VirtualBox) to Manjaro but nothing happen.
But if I do drag and drop of Manjaro to Windows 10, I can.

I have installed VirtualBox Guest Additions and activate bidirectional mode.

Is not possible drag and drop If Windows 10 is “virtualized” to Manjaro Desktop or I need give him any permissions?

Thanks for your help.



Is your user member of the group vboxusers?

sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxusers


You don’t need use drag’n drop between VM and host.

Use shared folders instead - it is extremely easy to setup for a Windows guest.


Thanks again for your help.
Now I can share folders perfectly, thanks for the tutorial.
But sometimes I prefer use Drag and Drop, VM to Manjaro (host), so… is not possible Drag and Drop? Only is possible Host --> VM??


I’ve tested this on Ubuntu and it works, so it is possible to drag-and-drop both Guest->Host and Host->Guest.


I can’t.
Left: Manjaro (host)
Right: Windows 10 (guest)



I believe you.

I’m saying that it is possible. For example, are you dropping into a directory you have permissions to write to rather than onto the KDE desktop?


My DE is Deepin and I don’t know the permissions.
That’s why in my first post I asked if I should enable permissions to achieve this, and how i do it?
Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile:


Open a file manager, drag and drop into that instead of to the desktop.


Sorry, my english is not good.
I don’t know if I understood correctly.

I open a File Manager in Manjaro (home folder) and I did drag and drop the file, Windows 10 VM to the Home Folder. I tried also to other hdd but nothing. The drag and drop not working Guest --> Host.


I won’t be able to test this on a Manjaro system for a few hours, I’ll get back to you then unless someone else replies first.


Do not worry, there is no hurry.
I will be attentive to the answers. I appreciate your time.
Regards :slight_smile:


Good news and bad news.

Drag-and-drop doesn’t work at all between my Manjaro host and manjaro32 guest (both fully up-to-date on unstable and x32-unstable branches).

So, the good news is it’s not just you.

The bad news is it’s not just you.


Thanks @jonathon for trying, It would have been good for it to work. Then I’ll have to get used to using the way @fhdk told me to share folders.

Again, thanks! :slight_smile:


hey, somebody got it working?

Manjaro does not accept any drag n drop neither to host nor to guest… Windows drag n drop works fine… From and to windows Host and guest… and so does ubuntu/Lubuntu

any workaound there?
i have Manjaro KDE on Host and Xfce on guest so file managers are dolphin and thunar


You will probably need to use shared folders as mentioned in the second post.