Virtual monitor woes

My goal is to have virtual screens that I can then export with Deskreen to web pages. I have read through everything I could find and I have always hit a roadblock.

  • I’m using the modesetting driver and therefore do not have VIRTUAL1 as an output listed by xrandr.
  • I’d prefer not to switch back to the old intel driver.
  • I can create new monitors with xrandr --setmonitor DP-1-1… That monitor gets shown with xrandr --listmonitors but I cannot get KDE to do anything with it. It does not show up in system settings>display configuration. Ironically, Deskreen sees it. But since I can’t place anything there, that is little use.
  • I tried using the evdi module, but sudo modprobe evdi initial_device_count=2 results in a “partial hang”: the mouse still moves, but I can’t type anything into the terminal window nor can I activate any other window.
  • Also tried using DP-1 which is listed by xrandr, adding a mode, setting that mode, and doing echo on >/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/DP-1/force. With this DP-1 shows up in display configuration, but even if I enable it there I can still not place any windows onto it. Also, the mouse remains constrained by the physical monitor.

I find it very likely that someone has had success with this. What am I missing?

Thanks for any hints.


I found vkms and that at least gives me one virtual monitor. Not what I want, but it shows that it works in principle…