Virtual Gnome and baloo indexing

I use Virtual Gnome 21. (Virtualbox) (That Manjaro KDE 21)
I installed a Dolphin on Gnome because it has more features.
Then I deleted Dolphin. Restart.
Baloo is no longer up according to Software but still indexes in HTOP.

baloo ≠ badoo ?

To be more clear:
what is running (htop on the left) is baloo

what is shown on the right in software manager, what you typed, what you looked for,
is badoo.


balooctl status
balooctl disable
(balooctl --help)

Unfortunately I didn’t trace either when baloo was installed and activated - so I can’t answer the original question, sorry.
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You have searched badoo in the Aur section

When you install dolphin - it pulls the necessary dependencies.

When you uninstall dolphin - you will have uninstall dependencies as well - unless you specifically is telling the package manager to removed unneeded dependencies - those will remain which is probably what happened.

Actually, removing dolphin after install, will not remove kio hence not baloo … only kio-extras and baloo-widgets and other deps …