Virtual box extention will not install

yeah but it does the same thing where it asks for my password, but ill try to fix that

I believe the password it is asking for is the root password so if that is setup different than your user password that is the one it wants. if you use the command above with sudo then that will be your user password.

Great! ill just change my root password

Instead of changing your root password type sudo vboxmanage instead of plain vboxmanage, then you can use your user password…

My experience with this installation problem is as follows:

If I just start VirtualBox, let it download the new extension pack version, type in my sudo password and let it install it, it will fail!

The solutions are:

Either start VirtualBox with

sudo VirtualBox

and the installation will work, or download the extension pack from Oracles website and execute

sudo VBoxManage extpack install --replace <path to extension pack>

Bon Chance and Cheers