Virtual Box error

I’m trying to boot Manjaro i3wm community edition on a VM. Here are the programs/dependencies I’ve installed for the same:

virtualbox host-dkms

Here is the error spam I get:
Failed to start VirtualBox Guest VMSVGA resize client. See ‘systemctl status vboxdrmclient.service’ for details.
This goes on and on for around 30s and all I get is a black screen after that.
I’ve tried rebooting the system, reinstalling and reloading virtualbox but I get the same error.

virtualbox virtualbox-host-modules virtualbox-guest-iso are for your HOST system, if your system is Manjaro or Arch based system, in principle the host-modules for your running kernel; example:

  • if your host run Manjaro with the 5.8 kernel then linux58-virtualbox-host-modules will be installed.

virtualbox-guest-utils will install automatically in the GUEST if you run Manjaro on a VBox install.

The DKMS are usualy good if there are no precompiled host modules for your running kernel. Manjaro provides them.

Make sure you do the according changes.

Clean up packages as advised above, then see: