Virt-manager won't use ksshaskpass for connecting to another virt-server

Hello there,

i want to set up a server for virtual machines. The server is up and running, but when i try to connect to it with virt-manager from my KDE Manjaro, i get the error, that i have to install an ssh askpass tool:

Configure SSH key access for the remote host, or install an SSH askpass package locally.

The SSH key access is set up and working (tried using a normal SSH-connection :wink:). I checked that i have installed the ksshaskpass package, but i don’t know how to tell virt-manager to use it

Thank you for helping


i have experimented installing step by step all available ssh askpass packages. Starting with the package x11-ssh-askpass the virt-manager asks for the passphrase or the password. So “it works for me” so far. But why isn’t this package required during installation? And why isn’t ksshaskpass a drop in replacement? Nevertheless i can go on with my mission :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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