Virt-Manager, saving Spice password does not work

The host is Gnome Manjaro. I installed Virt-Manager and created a QEMU/KVM virtual machine. I want to access that VM from other computers on the network, so I enabled SPICE on all interfaces. But that means anyone who knows the IP and the port number can see/control the VM. So, I set a password.

  1. Is it possible to enable password only for remote connections? I did not expect that it would ask for the password even when I locally ran it (Gnome Manjaro).

  2. In case the answer to 1 is “NO”, how can I save this password? There is a “Save this password” checkbox, but it does not seem to work. When I start it locally next time, it shows the same password UI again. Is that a bug? If it is related, I am accessing Gnome Manjaro through RDP (that is, Virt-Manager is inside of an RDP window).

Weird how no one knew about this, but I have found the answer. My installation was minimal. Seahorse was not installed (not sure if it is automatically installed for full installation). I guess that was the reason.

I installed and ran Seahorse and it said that the login keyring is locked and to unlock it want me to type the password. I type the password of my user account but it did not work. Turns out that this app does not automatically updates itself when the user changes the password. I had changed my password once since the installation of the OS. I typed the old password, and that unlocked the keyring. I changed the login password within Searhorse to the current one. And how VIrt-Manager saved the password.