Virt-manager kali linux internet not working

I installed kali linux in virt-manager a few weeks ago back then internet and everything was working fine but a few days ago internet stoped working I watched many videos and went to many websites but they all didn’t work I tried reinstalling Kali Linux in virt manager but I got the same error and I installed kali linux purple thinking I it might work but I still got the same error I have tried if firefox is working or not but it doesn’t work the error I got was:

Temporary failure resolving ’
Reading package lists… Done
W: Failed to fetch Temporary failure resolving InRelease
W: Failed to fetch Temporary failure resolving
W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

this is not the full error since we cant have links in froums

Hello @DEMONaP :wink:

So you asking for support of Kali Linux? The only thing what could be related to Manjaro, would be the network connection here. Other than that, here is the way: Community and Support | Kali Linux

:question: How did you configure the network bridge?

:slightly_smiling_face: thank you for you are advice
if the problem is on kali inux i will delete this post and post it kali linux but i think it is a problem on virt-manager or manjaro since i reinstalled it mutiple times
my network source is virtual network defuat Nat
the device model is virtio

Then keep sure that it is active? Personally I use “User Sessions” instead of the default mode. There I don’t need to configure such a bridge (it uses “Usermode networking”), while in default you have to keep sure that a NAT bridge is up and running.

Thank you
I will try that

I tried it but it didnt work

Depending on how you use the system

  • open virtual machine manager
  • open the qemu/kvm
  • click the virtual networks tab
  • click start for the default entry

which is equivalent to what @megavolt says - keep sure you have a NAT bridge up and running

:grinning: thank you for the for the advice but it was already active