Virt-Manager does not support aarch64 guests

I am running several x86_64 VMs on my machine with virt-manager. Today I tried to get a aarch64 VM up and running but I am getting this problem:

But I installed most of the qemu packages:

Any ideas what I may be missing? I tested this on ubuntu 20.04 and it works there.

Maybe you have to build qemu-aarch64-static
Might be available in that dropdown menu, but ... from your screenshot:


I want to compile cockroachdb for arm64 inside the VM so I am not sure if chroot is a sufficient solution.
I checked pamac and this package is still available:

Should I try that?

OK, it turns out that the necessary package is not available in the manjaro repositories. I had to use the package edk2-avmf from AUR to boot the VM. It seems to work so far.

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