Viper4linux not showing categories tabs

I am trying to configure viper4linux through Teamviewer on my Dad’s laptop. The problem is that the tabs in the application window aren’t showing. His laptop has the latest updates.

The second image is how it’s supposed to look.

imgur com /a/b46JUSX

Thanks in advance.

It’s a system theme issue, not with V4L. What DE, what theme, etc.? V4L is a Qt app, so check the Kvantum theme.

I thought that might be it too, but we are both using xfce, and the Matcha-dark-azul system theme, and within V4L the gtk2 theme.

Your screenshots look like two different themes. The titlebar and buttons look like Match-dark something, but the rest does not match. Check both the Gtk2 and Xfmw4 theme.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll have another look tonight.

What I meant to say was, check to make sure the themes match. They certainly don’t in the screenshots. I guess my brain needs a break for the evening.

EDIT: I just remembered V4L also has its own theme settings. Check that, I bet that’s what it is.