Vim: error while loading shared libraries:

Guysss help needed once again, I installed Vim editor with the command:
sudo pacman -S vim
and when i try to open a file for example vim index.html an error is shown:
vim: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directo
any help would be much appreciated, thanks…

No such issue here.
Are you fully up-to-date?

@maycne.sonahoz Well actually I have a number of available updates, could that be the issue? I’ll run sudo pacman -Syu and try again, thanks for your time.

Yes it is.
Installing a package always fetches the version in the repository, and is usually built with versions of dependencies also in the repository. If you install a package on an out-of-date system, it may not run because previously installed dependencies are out-of-date.

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Solved! thanks man :heart: :blush:

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