Viewing and Adjusting Network Interface Adapter Settings in XFCE?


After months of being all-SSH-all-the-time, I just got XFCE into a usable state (switched compositors, adjusted (most) of the sizes so I can read it), and I poked into the “Advanced Network Configuration” to see what it looked like.

It’s very strange there. I don’t think XFCE’s utility can actually see and control the network interfaces.

Both my 1Gbps ethernet adapters report 100 Megabit speed, with “Link negotiation” set to Ignore and duplex on full.

Running speed tests via the command line tool, I can easily get 200+ megabit speeds.

I do notice that my internet appears slower when going through XFCE, and I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Should I be looking at a different GUI tool if I want to see the actual state of my network adapters, or is this XFCE telling me that my network speeds are limited inside XFCE until I tell it it’s working with gigE adapters?