VIDEODELUXE sur une distro Manjaro KDE , est-ce possible?


No problem … regarding your Hardware, I"ve expected.
See you and thanks


give any help for install under manjaro for this config
config : Cpu: AMD 8350FX/ Mb: MSI 990 FXA - 8 G0 1333

any specific boot param kernel for iommu ( this is an example )?


you mistake me with someone else. The only boot parameters I am familiar with are amdgpu.dc and scsi_mod.use_blk_mq - I don’t see how those can help here


Trying KDenlive … not so bad. Thanks.
Maybe a more recent application than those existing in KDE repo ?


This is the latest version
Kdenlive 18.04.1 veröffentlicht 11. Mai 2018
Comes now a new is the way as follows
unstable ==> testing ==> stable


Hi, Im so interesting… but
never use any Konsole …never mount any appli out of Octopi packages…really!

Please, are you ready to guide me step to step…to download and mount this beta issue ?
philline0 - Basic user for ever.

Stop ! Stop !
searched and found … charged “Applimage” and “KDENLIVE issue 18” and now issue 17 … all with Octopi !

Well thoses packages!


Finally, trying to learn the limits of Kdenlive 18.08…:walking_man:
Configuration of the various working desks is very well !. …and nice too.

Appli is not stable on my 8 cores-8threads AMD but i should solve this after before :

? hown to fix the appli beta 18.08, to be able to launch it directly from the deskicon- without activate applimageluncher.each time.
Thanks again


Hi SpiritOfTux,

Kdenlive not so bad … should be a good backup. but not easy to work … Deskbuilder is top.
Not any transitions and effects … Renderer don’t use multiprocessor.

Downloaded Da Vinci Resolve 15 Free an extracted in folder \ home/philline0/download

Please, How installing it through Konsole ??

Thanks in advance
philline0 Basic User