Video playing error

my younger bro loves to take live classes. but he is unhappy because his best teacher’'s video is not playing it is showing following error at the place of pause button " PLAY_ARROW " . need help… :

you can see ther error.

Please detail. What video? How does he watch it? What is the error?

actually there is a website of the tutor and if i play a video there is an error … i am giving u link please the website is in hindi language so please coperate with me…

So it’s a streaming video. The first thing to check is if there may be anything in your web browser that prevents you from playing it:

  • privacy settings
  • extensions
  • blocked javascript

PS: Your link requires an authentication, so you can access that video.

so i have disabled all extentions.
also all privacy.
but may u tell about blocked javascript…

Any better?
Regarding Javascript, disabling may be allowed through an extension, depending on your browser.