video-hybrid-intel-nvidia/X11 won't work

So I updated Manjaro yesterday and now the X11 on my nb is broken…
I already tried the tutorial mentioned here
My nb uses a hybrid intel-nvidia config.
I removed the hybrid driver via mhwd and naw I can’t reinstall it for some reason.
Maybe tzhe problem is related to Xorg and I should’t have updates w/o installing a new Kernel before?
I’m severely confused about this…
Also yes. I use a LUKS partition but I can boot into tty3.

Kernel 6.4 is deprecated and no longer supported. You need to switch to a supported kernel, like 6.1, 6.6 or 6.7.

Install the new kernel, reboot into it, and then remove 6.4.

Do I have to update initcpio?
Or update grub? Sorry but the new kernel won’t show up…
I could edit the option in grub per hand and refer to the new vmlinuz created
(Yes I installed 6.6 and 6.7 bc I’m stupid)
obviously I can’t rm a kernel which I’m currently running, no?

and then remove 6.4

Had a screeni with my /boot/ folder but apparently you can’t include them in replies. Weird.
After that I try to reinstall the hybrid graphics driver.
Addendum: I made it! Edited the grub file and I’m back @ lvl5.
If any one wants to offer some help for the graphics driver you’re welcome…

don’t post images … it is not an image gallery - it is technical forum … please

please remove them

Okay. Didn’t know the server is under that much duress… If there is a next time I scale them down a wee bit.
hybrid-driver werks as intended as well.
I guess were finished here. Thanks and have a good one!

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