Video files black, dual boot

So I use manjaro kde plasma together with a windows 10 partition.
When I log into my manjaro the videos will just show a black screen. VLC and SM player. But media MPV player does work, it can play the video files without any problems.

After I restart my manjaro all the video files works as intended with VLC and SMplayer. My question is, why is it that I need to restart the manjaro inorder for the video files to work properly.

Thank you for your read.

Edit. I use AMD Ryzen 7, radeon graphics card. Lenovo 15are05

please check the forum-search for “h.264”, “update announcement” and similar like the link below.
there are patent-pending issues so video-encoding with h.264 is no longer supported and you have to install it for yourself.

What does that file have to do with me needing to RESTART manjaro before the video files WORKS again.

Sorry for capital letter. Just want to emphasise on the part that my codec is working. But it just needs a restart before it kicks in.

How much did the problem happen that it requires restarting to solve?
It only happened once or several times?

basically the only resolve. I guess is that the windows partition still has some memory parts written to. And that I need to restart manjaro to gain full access?

The steps are as following:
Windows 10, restart into manjaro
Manjaro, video files dont work. restart into manjaro
Video files works.

Hey, sorry to be such a newb. It seems to be resolved in latest update of manjaro…
Ive had the issue for a whole year now. And finally when Im trying to get more involved and resolve things it seems to have been fixed…

Thank you all for support guys.

I will try to recreate the problem ones more. If no news, then its good news.

I tried twice now, opening things in win10 and restarting into manjaro. Video files works on the first try once again. Marvellous!

So I jumped the gun too soon.

Now the video files are still on a black screen but with audio. Only MPV media player works. Untill I’ve restarted the computer.

It is hard to know without your log information:

  • Run VLC or SMPlayer in any terminal to show debug message.

  • Check journalctl -b -p err --no-pager when opening VLC with black screen.