Video driver now shows its using llvmpipe

Hi guys, I’m having a problem with my newly installed gnome DE, whereas before this update I was using my computer fine, but now since the update, my video driver now shows its using llvmpipe and not my 1070ti in settings, when I go to Manjaro hardware settings it shows my driver installed, plz help I can’t even play dota 2 anymore

I think the most knowledgeable persons about this might be @TotallyNotElite, @philm and maybe @Yochanan. I hope that’s not one of the nvidia cards whose driver got dropped… If it is, then you need to build it like Philm instructed in his tutorial. I think @codesardine converted it into a tutorial in the tutorials section.

Please post the output of inxi -Fazy and mhwd -li.

Hi again guys, I really like Manjaro, and I’m trying to push Linux distros to my friends that are friendly to newcomers, now I am forced to use another version of Linux like POP OS, ill start to recommend Manjaro to friends again when it starts back to work with Nvidia GPUs out of the box.
But for now ill recommend it for workstations.