Video blinking when sharing screen in a videoconference (DDE)


Every now and then, I try to use the DDE, but I always find the same issue: when I am in a videoconference using Zoom and I share my screen, the other person always says that my screen is blinking. Sometimes, it blinks partially, sometimes completely. I have never had this issue using XFCE, only the DDE.

I have tried to use the live-USB, installing it in different machines, videoconferencing with different people and the result is always the same, the blinking screen.

Is there any solution?

Don't use DDE?

Don't use Deepin. Don't let your friends run Deepin. Don't even let your friends' enemies run Deepin.

That is all.


I mean, sure, that's what I've been doing. But this is not a solution, right, it is just a workaround.

Don't have a solution I am afraid, but can confirm I have the same issue running Zoom on Plasma. The flickering was gone when the Plasma compositor was turned off after an upgrade. The moment I turned it back on the flickering was back.

Different software works for different things. Deepin DE is known to have issues. If it doesn't work for your use-case then the potential solutions are 1) file a bug 2) use a different DE.

It really is the better solution. Deepin is only partially open source, uneasily modified, and extremely difficult to troubleshoot. It just doesn't seem to do well with Arch-based distributions.


Pretty funny when this particular edition is still on the download page while people here recommends not using it.

I don't view it as funny at all. Neither should Manjaro. But user memories appear somewhat limited to whatever today's drama is (really-ya'll a bunch of gossip-whores). It's DDE, anyway, we're concerned about. Not DDE on any other base.

A year from now we'll all be asking, "Deepin who?"" :smiley:

My comment was more about how if Xfce works fine, but DDE does not, then a "solution" is to not use DDE.

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If @nasjohn experiences this issue on DDE but not on XFCE, and I have the same issue on Plasma.
Are there any similarities between DDE and Plasma which XFCE does not have?

In good old set theory terms, (DDE ∩ KDE) \ XFCE = ? :smile:

Are there any similarities between DDE and Plasma which XFCE does not have?

QT base maybe :upside_down_face:?

Ah, clearly I never looked into DDE :slight_smile:

If you using an nvidia GFX card, Under OpenGL Settings uncheck Sync to vBlank & Allow Flipping

Failing that, I think the Shutdown button still works...

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Now, that sounds promising, I will try this during my next meeting and will report back!

Edit: Tried this setting today, and "Allow Flipping" seems to be the one which needs to be unset!

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