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Hi all. I recently discovered the startup applications tab in XFCE! It’s awesome for this simple thing I wanted to do which was start xbanish (hides mouse upon keyboard input) upon login so that I wouldn’t have to call xbanish with the terminal and have it running in the background with an open terminal.

Now, when I start up XFCE, there’s another application I always open which is bpytop in the xfce terminal, but I also always SNAP IT TO THE LEFT side of my screen. Is there a way of automating this so that it immediately happens upon startup? I have managed to do all this except snap it to the left of my screen on a keybinding, but don’t know how to automate a snapping to the left of the screen…any ideas?

Thanks in advance everybody! I truly love the community here, you’re all super helpful.

xfce4-terminal --geometry=geometry

xfce4-terminal --geometry=80x24+0+0


you can make your own monitor using the generic monitor applet.
it would be a lot lighter & just what you want to watch.

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To append upon that, make sure to execute bpytop as the final argument,
xfce4-terminal --geometry=80x24+0+0 -x bpytop

You might have to play around with it first before you commit to a geometry, depending on you screen resolution. The width x height dimensions might be measured as “characters” and not neccesarily “pixels”.


Perfect, this was it, and it taught me how to open up xfce4-terminal without the manjaro presettings of exo–etc. All I had to do was replace the 80x24 to the settings of my monitor, and it worked like a charm (luckily for me bpytop reads the pixel resolution whenever its screen is adjusted).

Thanks again! Now I have an awesome welcome mat waiting for me whenever I login!!! :smiley:

Thanks again! My bpytop on startup looks great! Just out of curiosity, how would I get it to align to the right? Would it be a matter of adjusting the +0+0 parameters?

use - instead of +

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The best community here! Thank you!

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