Very small fonts

Hi all.
I have a display problem that seems kind of ordinary because I found it several times on internet but I couldn’t solve it with the proposed solutions.
The fonts of the “non enlightenment” widgets like firefox tabs, GTK stuff (used by Nautilus, Darktable and many others) are impossible to read because too tiny.
I tried to change it everywhere I found in the configuration (Apparence > Fonts or Preferences > Apparence) but the fonts are still ridiculously small.
In fact it seems that E doesn’t have the possibility to change it.
How can I make it readable?

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In kde you have an option to sync qt preferences with gtk’s, search if enlightenment has it too

Thanks for your answer. Indeed, a kind of “synchronization” of the parameters could be nice, but I didn’t find anything that sounds like this…

You can solve th problem by adjust the dpi on .Xresources whit xdt.dpi parameter
Look at HiDPI - ArchWiki

Or check the part where they address this issue at the arch wiki