Very Slow Download Speed [A Weird New Problem]

Hello there,

I recently switched to Manjaro, KDE edition. I’m loving it, but…

I’m facing a weird problem with my download speed.

I have a 20mbps internet and I download a lot of stuff from the internet (Yes I’m a crazy archiver)

I was doing good, but suddenly since last week, I’m getting a massive drop in download speed. I’m talking 60kBps. But here is where it gets weird.

When I download stuff with qbittorrent (Yes I’m a torrent-aholic too), my download speed is completely normal. I checked with a network analyzer, but nothing is using my network. This problem only happens when I want to download on firefox, or any other browser.

I contacted my ISP but there was no problem on their side. Also checked my router, and everything looked fine.

I appreciate any help from this supportive community.

Much love.

What about other browsers or firefox in ‘safe-mode’ ?

firefox --safe-mode

Using any type of QoS or prioritization? Good to rule that out first.