Very slow download of package

Manjaro 24 just released I click update in pamac and let it install a bunch of stuff just fine. intel-oneapi-basekit 2024.0.0.49564-3 is only 2.7gb but spent all morning getting about 100mb downloaded. everything else took seconds. I’m quite certain it is not on my end my speeds aren’t the fastest but 300mb/s should be done in no time. can I download this somewhere else faster?

the hamburger menu in the gui → preferences
pacman-mirrors is the command line tool

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He was right though.
In the GUI, this is easy to figure out by just trial and error - if you don’t find a “click path” explanation.
The key word to look for (mirror list) was also there.

… I also didn’t know that click path off the top of my head - I just looked …

I just figured when I have taken the time to read and knew the answer, I’d take the time and write a short reply that almost included the solution without actually giving it.

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