Very pleasing migration to new machine!

I wanted to thank the team and share my great experience moving to a new machine.
My 5 1/2 year old laptop was dying and it’s replacement arrived Monday evening. By Tuesday morning the replacement was up and running AND I got a good nights sleep.
Basically, I booted the live image, partitioned the SSD, btrfs send/received the newest snapshot, edited some settings (UUIDs in fstab, hostname,…), installed grub, and rebooted.
I did try at first to get the two machines connected with Thunderbolt, but had no prior experience with it and didn’t even know whether I had the right cable. After a short while I decided to use the btrbk that I had on a external drive.
I know this is not just due to using Manjaro…
Even Teams didn’t ask me to re-authenticate…

Very happy!


It’s always good to hear stories like this. More power to you…