Very general question about the Pinephone

I have been wanting to get the Pinephone from its release but I don’t know how usable it is. For anyone that uses the Pinephone, in your opinion is it functional to be used for calling, texting, web browsing without too much bugs and good performance or is it not ready yet to be used by the average consumer?

I think this is the case as they are sold for developers and early adopters as part of a preview program.

or is it not ready yet to be used by the average consumer.

Not ready for the consumer. But! the web browser works, the wifi seems to draw the battery down quicker but, also seems to pick signals better than most of my wifi devices.

I loaded over 1,000 mp3s to mine just so see how well it worked as a music player. It works way better with the 1,000+ mp3s than alot of the players i have used. (still has some quarks, and occasional crash though)

I’m running mine without a simcard so I don’t have any info for calls, and texts yet.

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The hardware itself is rock solid - tried and tested.

With the latest iterations of Phosh - it is very usable - and with a familiar interface.

Camera is not very usable - but it will come by eventually.

Everything phone related works

  • calls
  • texts (not mms)
  • mobile network

What player are you using with it and are you using the headphone jack or bluetooth?
I was attempting to get spotify but am looking for other alternatives.
I might try to get spotify on anbox.

Not really working if you’re the one calling.

If must be something with your device settings - because my device works.

I am using Phosh on unstable branch - updating using the terminal.

I am just using the Lollypop on the Pinephone. The headphone jack works consistently. I am not sure if it’s my bluetooth ear buds or what, but sometimes I can only get one bluetooth to connect not the set. Other times after like a song and a half the bluetooth just drops off like it disconnected. Oh, and and with the ear bud set sometimes my Bluetooth device list piles up with unknown devices like 4 or 5? like it’s indexing the same device multiple times.

Question for the group:
If someone knows where the bluetooth device log is I will check to see if it says what is going on?

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