Verve behaves strangely

I added the verve object to my xfce panel. Unfortunately verve does not behave according to the description I found in

When I enter a command, e.g.


I do not see any output. There is only a white rectangular flicker for the tenth of a second, which was presumaby the terminal window with the command output. That behaviour can be repeated with pwd, ls, cd etc.

Only a command like vi opens a window that remains open.

However, if I enter

whoami | more


ls | more

then the result terminal window remains open due to the “more”. Strange behaviour! Is that the idea of verve? Then it should be described!

By accident I saw a paragraph in the German Ubuntu Wiki, which explains what happens.

It might be translated and added to the English description in Here is the translation I am proposing:

Note that the terminal window is closed immediately after command execution. If you enter a command that yields permanent output such as “top”, or output with user interaction, such as “vi” or “more filename”, there is no surprise. If you enter a command that produces just one output, such as “pwd”, “ls -a”, “whoami”, you should enter " ls -a | more" e.g., then the command output remains visible in the shell window.