Vertical workspace

Hi everyone! I wanted to know if, under the new version of GNOME it was possible to return to a vertical workspace? When you change offices? Because it became horizontal, it is not disturbing in itself but I appreciated the vertical method

Yes, with the Vertical overview extension. Note that Manjaro does not support it, use at your own risk.

Manjaro doesn’t support the extension AT ALL? And what can it create as a bug?

We used to include the extension in the repositories for a the Legacy Layout, however it was no longer maintainable due to changes with GNOME 42.

You may install it like any other extension. It may work well, it may not. GNOME Extensions are created mostly by third parties and are not supported by GNOME. However, you still may request help here on the forum. If a someone can help out, they surely will. :wink:

Well, I think I’m going to settle for the horizontal desks, because the vertical, create a bug at the dock… Otherwise, another question, which does not have much r but the latest version of Manjaro is still based only on ArchLinux we agree? Because, I started with the old version of Manjaro, at the time when it was still the very small dock based on the side, and, I must admit that the aesthetic change is radical!