Vertical line in ZSH

Hello. I have two users in same Manjaro installation (For study and entertainment :sweat_smile:). In both I use the pre-installed zsh shell with few aliases set. In one user, today I saw a vertical green line in zsh prompt, e.g. -
But in the other user it is completely normal.

What should I do?
Edit - I have used the default Noto Mono font and also FuraMono Nerd Font in both cases, but the results are all the same.


It seems that the question and topic you opened is also for that purpose.
The two screenshots do not seem to be taken with the console at the same percent of zoom in, hence the possible reason why the top one has that slight artifact.

The zoom is the same. Actually the area taken with flameshot is slightly different :sweat_smile:. And, what is causing the artifact? I have reset the ~/.zshrc file, even the whole ~/.config folder, but of no use. :worried:

You can’t convince me of that.

For your entertainment: when you Ctrl++ or Ctrl and mouse scroll into the Konsole (is that what you are using in KDE Plasma, right?) that zoom is not stored anywhere, the Konsole will reset to the default zoom next time you start it. Yakuake will keep that zoom also as long as you don’t restart it.

Looking forward to see on both screenshots the Konsole zoom/size factor for comparison :wink:


Sir, with due respect, it is quite hurting when you make comments like that. I am not an advanced linux user, I admit, but I have many things to do rather than just creating posts for entertainment. Hope you understand. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
BTW, here are the complete screenshots (Zoom - 35x6, Konsole), leaving no scope of misunderstanding -

Oversensitive and playing the emotional card on a technical forum. Ok, I got it.

Back on topic:
The images you shared show that the fonts used do not match, first one is normal ~ and the second one is bold ~ - the first one has one pixel + on vertical than the second one. All that could create a displacement of those “icons”.

Actually i can’t see any advantage on using Konsole at that zoom size …
With that said, i’ll hand over the issue to whoever wants to deal with.


Thanks a lot.

No problem. If you look closely, the panel in the second screenshot is 1 pixel higher than the panel in first screenshot, meaning that is why

in Konsole …

You were right indeed. Something was wrong with the font in the first place. Thereafter I created a new user account, and downloaded the font from GitHub and installed it, and it was all fine.
I sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience.

Please don’t do that. There is nothing to apologize here. We do sometimes get trapped either in our own ways of doing things or the way we joke around, and not always resonates the same for all. Is perfectly understandable. The most important thing, after all, is to get to the bottom of the issue, and fix it. Glad our discussion helped :wink:

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So that’s the font’s problem and not the Konsole, KDE or Manjaro’s fault?

If I was to answer this question, I would also say that’s the font’s fault, particularly the powerline symbols.

So far, seems so.🥲

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