Vertical border on primary screen

Good morning to all of you!

Looking to set my DE with more personal features, I have seen some specific issues with my primary monitor. Yes you get it, I use two :yum:

What I have seen, on the primary monitor is that the mouse pointer has “no limit” on both vertical direction. That means that the mouse pointer looks like it can move infinitely to the top and bottom of the primary screen. I do not have that behavior at all on the second screen where the mouse pointer has clearly visible limitation.

On top of that, each Libreoffice application launched appeared like this on the primary monitor

When I use the shortcut “Meta + W”, then the application windows is maximizes to the primary screen and looks perfectly

I went through some topics and changed a few settings but so far nothing really relevant (I made some changes in Compositor, I completely disabled the Screen Edges and Touch Screen options and some others). I still have a “Default” Virtual Desktops defined but I can’t delete it.

I rely on your user experience to help find out the little trick that is misleading me with this issue :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish you all, in advance, a nice week-end

Instead of your current monitor topology,

Try the following topology:

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Thank you very much for your help even if I feel a bit dumb :sweat_smile:!

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