VC4 vs V3DV for the RPi4

My understanding is the RPi Foundation coded the VC4 driver for the kernel which is now included in 5.10 and they hired the development of the V3DV driver, which is now part of Mesa. I believe they both offer 3D hardware acceleration. So how do these differ? Are they better suited for different workloads?

V3DV is a vulkan driver. I think VC4 is generic one

Please excuse my ignorance on the topic. I have read a bit about it. It would seem the Vulkan driver is a lower level API. Am I to take this as Vulkan is more for games and the VC4 driver for general desktop (Xorg/Wayland) usage?

You could look at it that way for now.

Vulkan can do a lot of cool stuff and I would most definitely would be thrilled to someone trying Godot 4.x with it on Rpi4. I think there are experiments to get the big DEs to run with Vulkan but nothing in stable form afaik

@Darksky is going to correct me if I’m wrong but:

  • VC4 is the general display driver (DRM).
  • V3D is the 3D OpenGL GPU driver.
  • V3DV is the same as above, just with vulkan instead of OpenGL.

From what I have been reading it sounds about right. It appears that V3DV from my limited research is at it’s basic level trying to get it working with 32bit and they are not working yet on 64bit. When it is working on 64bit then I will start paying more attention to it.


V3DV works now with 64bit in raspberry OS at least.

With upstream mesa?

yes as per instructions from the script a user made, meson etc

The last post I saw was a month ago. If it is working on aarch64 now then it would be in mesa-git 20.3.0 if @Strit has it compiled in it.

Been in mesa for 3-4 weeks now and the latest one in unstable brranch is from sunday.

So vulkan is already compiled? Demos should work?

It’s really early support. But it’s whatever is in the mesa git repo.

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