Various problems in Manjaro KDE after wake-from-sleep

right, and I’ve made sure everything is deleted from there, however downloading a new window decoration will still cause these issues.

by the way, when you say /home/xyz, do you mean ~/xyz? I have no /home/.local, but my themes do save to home/shawn/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/.

yes thats the correct path , i wasnt just using the user name… so if there are no more custom themes in system settings/ global themes than everything is deleted … do you use kvantum themes, or some force blur kwin scripts?

i don’t currently have have kvantum set up, and I don’t think I have any kwin scrips going, no.
is it possibly a kde bug, would you suggest posting this to their bug tracker?

theres probably already bugs like this so dont bother… you could try rebuilding kde cache:
Log out of the GUI.
Switch to a tty with Ctrl+Alt+F2.
enter your credentials and run these commands:
rm ~/.config/Trolltech.conf
kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental
rm -rf ~/.cache/*
systemctl reboot

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I’ll give that a go in the morning, as it is rn its 3am here and I think at this point I’ll be too tired to try any more fixes effectively.
Thank you so much for your help though, you’ve provided a hell of a lot more support than I could’ve asked for!

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all rigth, then let us know if it helped

I also just found out there are some issues right after I recover my system from sleep. The issue appears as soon as I try to switch between my virtual desktops, or trigger my Yakuake window. The screen looks like it’s freezed, but I could normally type sudo systemctl poweroff and the command executes normally by Yakuake, even if I’m not able to see any content inside my window including the command line I just executed.

@shawn, it’s been awhile since you reported this, did you make any progress resolving your issue?

you should open your own thread and explain your issues. please provide some basic information as here (inxi etc). this thread is too old and outdated. keep in mind sometimes a problem is the same issue and sometimes it is just similar.