Vaio keyboard backlight

I have just installed Manjaro on a Vaio SVE, when the system is booting up the keyboard light works but once the OS starts I have not found a way of making the backlight to work, is there any way of installing Vaio Control Center on this device?

There is a Fn key to manage for example the volume, screen brightness, but no key for keyboard backlight, it is managed by software.

(I have the last kernel installed)

Ive found the following instructions:
opening with admin privileges go to

edit the file from -1 (in my case) to just 1

It works, the problem is, every time I restart the laptop kdb_ file is overwritten automatically to -1 again

Any clue about this, please

Do not edit the fle, just set a startup script to set that parameter.
See Keyboard backlight - ArchWiki

Thank you so much for helping me.

I’m not an expert on the command tasks, with the information you gave me I noted the following:

If I follow the location:


first, my kbd_backlight file is not there, there are only these folders:
/sys/class/leds/input3::numlock, and

So I cannot apply:
cat /sys/class/leds/tpacpi::kbd_backlight/max_brightness

I’m not sure if the ath9k-phy0 device corresponds to my keyboard, I think not because when I apply:

brightnessctl --device=‘ath9k-phy0’ info
I receive this description:
Device ‘ath9k-phy0’ of class ‘leds’:
Current brightness: 250 (98%)
Max brightness: 255

(by the way I had changed the value of this device with)
brightnessctl --device=‘ath9k-phy0’ set (and I tried various values, but nothing changes)

Now about D-Bus

upower 0.99 installed
dbus-python installed (I think, says python bindings for DBUS

What I understood was to:
1 create a document named on the /usr/local/bin/ location, then I made it executable but when I run it through ./ Im lost because it returns:

Script takes one or two argument. 0 arguments provided.

what more I need to do because I dont understand what
setKeyboardLight () {
dbus-send --system --type=method_call --dest=“org.freedesktop.UPower” “/org/freedesktop/UPower/KbdBacklight” “org.freedesktop.UPower.KbdBacklight.SetBrightness” int32:$1

means, I need some assistance about this last part please.

I think you need one of helpers tools to accomplish this, such as brightnessctl or light to be installed.
Not sure what would work best on your machine, and only then get that pseudo file system will be available. Quite not sure, since i have no device to test.

that is wifi led if i’m not mistaken.

I have an SVE14.
Backlight works
there is no special key to turn it on
and I did NO configuration … at all

Whether it kicks on or not is dependent on the ambient brightness.
If it is bright enough to see the keyboard - it won’t turn on.
And it shuts off after ~10 seconds
which is sensible - and it is the default (as I did nothing to try to change that)
lighting is triggered by pressing any key
… not necessarily the “ANY” key :wink:

Is the module

lsmod | grep sony

this is what I get:

lsmod | grep sony
sony_laptop            73728  0
rfkill                 32768  7 bluetooth,cfg80211,sony_laptop
video                  53248  2 i915,sony_laptop
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