V18.0.1 xfce bugs


Hey I’m not sure where to put general bugs but I’ll consolidate things I’ve found in v18.0.1 and put new items here.

#1 V18 xfce: “xflock4” doesn’t activate xscreensaver (also confirmed after installing non-free nvidia) Thanks to @lectrode we have this fixed (see link.)
#2 V18 xfce: Hexchat has no sounds and segfaults on exit?

#3: the “sticky keys” enabled/disabled notification randomly pops up usually during the start of boot and is usally triggered by some combination (or random keypresses) of ctrl, shift, numlock, or my custom-binded “mouse3” button, which is hardware-mapped to “ctrl+w” – which I always use for closing tabs/windows quickly. Going into the accessability preferences always show sticky keys unchecked so I’m not even sure if this “shortcut” is somehow triggered with keystrokes? (Like how in windows if shift is pressed 5 times in a row.)

#4 (on Nouveau) if media content (like a video or music visualization from audacious) is playing behind thunar windows, these windows sporadically freak out (possibly on mouse hover over an inactive thunar window) and don’t display/render normally until selected and moved. It’s hard to describe and I wish I had a screen recording but I’ve since installed non-free nvidia for hw acceleration purposes and haven’t experienced this issue yet under the new driver.

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