Utility or method for deleting off-screens plasmoids?

The recent testing update caused one of my screens to revert to an older setup - one that had vanished a few months ago after a previous update :smile:. I can see that the plasmoids that were on the more recent setup are still counted as being in use (just as the plasmoids of the older setup that's now the current one were.)

I would love to clean this up, but the config files are mind-bendingly confusing and since I love me some plasmoids I'd rather avoid nuking the configs and starting over from scratch.

Anyone know of a utility/app/magic ring that allows for the removal of off-screen plasmoids?

I would just create a new activity and redo the plasmoids placement on the desktop. Then remove the old activity. Or look inside ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc.


Thanks. I am thinking that a fresh start solution is all there is right now.

that's where you can clean them up from but be careful what you remove. copy it to another folder or make another copy with a .bak extension and then work on it so that if you mess up and remove something you still need on screen you can revert the changes you made. do it one by one plasmoid entry to be safe.

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