Utilities for App Launcher in dock opens an Apps Overlay, WorkSpaces Overview and Search like Mac Spotlight

Due ot some screensharing problems, I have been convinced after my research to switch to Gnome Classic (from login screen, I guess the default one was named Gnome or Gnome on Wayland?). Anyways, now, I can share my screen in those programs.

However there have been minor changes I have found in this desktop environment.

There is no more applications launcher that opens am Apps Overlay, or Super key does not open it anymore.

Also I lost the Overview which was bound to Super key, and was bound to three finger swipe up as well.

I would like to have a search icon that launches a global search, can be in toop bar to the right somewhere and a keyboard shortcut would be awesome.

How can I get those back? My first preference would be something built in from Settings, Gnome Extensions, Tweaks.

One way to go back to a ‘default’ default setup is using the layouts application. Here you can switch to a preconfigured layout and selecting one and clicking apply will set up the extentions and options for you.

Tweak the settings with the extensions settings and tweaks applications.

Clicking on activities and starting to type should be a search for applications, settings etc

I will try those.

Though I do not have activities.

I have tried those but know everything got wierd. I lost my mouse support, it does not move the cursor anymore.
The cursor is lost, only a gray square I see. On some apps I see a very small moue cursor.
The problem is same in Gnome too. Even though I have switched my layout from gnome to Manjaro back.