Utilitarian Wallpaper Ideas

Browsing through this section of the forum there are loads of ideas and examples of great wallpapers.

Usually when I am looking for a replacement wallpaper I tend to gravitate toward those with nice scenes like beech’s or mountain views.

However, on the more useful front it would be interesting to see a wallpaper which has useful information on it like keyboard shortcuts or linux commands. A cheatsheet wallpaper packed with useful commands possibly interwoven with a nice beech or mountain scene emblazened with the Manjaro logo/name would be both very cool and useful to many. Perhaps a wallpaper detailing the full functionality of pacman would be a useful resource too.

Of course you can extend the above to include language syntax for all kinds of programming languages. You could then rotate these wallpapers on a time schedule to provide a kind of slideshow.

Just some thoughts and suggestions there for some more utilitarian desktop backgrounds.

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i never like those kinds of wallpaper, because either the tips are useless for my use case or i know most of them.

when i want to have tips, e.g. keyboard shortcuts on my wallpaper i usually use conky for it (look at a screenshot of manjaro i3 to know what i am talking about) and only insert the tips i, which are useful to me with my current use case.

these kinds of wallpaper are really easy to make: simply open existing wallpapers in gimp and add a textbox with all tips you want to include. save and use it as a wallpaper.

if you need a greater choice of wallpapers, have a look here: https://github.com/excalibur1234/manjaro-wallpapers

It could be a widget with a text you could edit while learning. No reason to have this on wallpapers, imho.

Yep all good suggestions, using conky or kde widgets.

You can get creative with that mix too, and incorporate your conky into wallpaper:


why recommend a windows 8 app, are we not using manjaro?

just an idea mate. A concept.

Really!!?? :smiling_imp:

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First image is more along the lines i was thinking in the original post.

Should just clarify that I was just trying to put the idea out there for a more helpful and informational wallpaper. Was trying to appeal to the more artistic designers out there and not to imply im too lazy to stick some text boxes on a mute wallpaper. Lol.

Reason I originally mentioned embedding text into a desktop wallpaper was that it doesn’t require any additional resources, memory, cpu and doesn’t require running anything in the background.

If you don’t like these kind of wallpapers it’s ok I am not going to force you to use anything you don’t want to. Lol.

Keep them ideas coming and keep it positive. There is no right or wrong here.

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Yep np, closest thing for linux I can find :-

it’s called being “Utilitoiletarian”

Well, I’ll just quote on of the first responses to this thread:

(…echo >> Or Just Wrong / Dangerous. Learn, dont assume/rely)

But I just remembered what happened after I sent that wallpaper to a friend who had suddenly become a self-described ‘Linux H4x0r’… (fast forward to me reinstalling Mint for them)

…so on second thought I should just remove that thing now. :innocent:

Totally reasonable.
But I would mention that this sort of depends …
You could be ‘wallpaper-less’ with just a color emulated, then have a 30 kb conky running … which is quite low overhead.
On the other hand, you could have no conky, and a wallpaper weighing in at 5 mb.

Just wanted to say :wink:

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