Usually the youtube vid in the chrome get speed up how to fix it?

OS: Manjaro Linux Wynsdey 24.0.2 x86_64
Kernel: Linux 6.8.12-3-MANJARO
Chrome:  124.0.6367.118

After I make youtube into the whitelist of adblock

  1. The situation is unstable. Sometimes youtube tell me to disable the adblock just like normal.
  2. or speed up the vid like 4x speed up
  3. play fine.

But the video is fine in the incognito window. Anyone know the reason.

Anyone knows How to fix it?

Since it works in incognito, I’d guess a plugin issue. Unless you give them explicit permission, most do not run in an ingcognito window.

I’d start by disabling plugins until Youtube works. If you can’t find a replacement that does not cause a problem, you may have to live without.

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Google makes money from advertising and Youtube is their cashcow.

Use incognito


That implies one knows the reason

File a bug report with Google

Guessing: a plugin causes your issue

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You intentionally disable adblock in youtube?

Or do you disable it because they ask you to do it and tell you they won’t show you anything anymore if you don’t?

Or did I misunderstand?

I use ublock origin (also available for chromium) and I never see ads.
Literally never.
I’d go insane otherwise - or not use youtube anymore …

There was a time a few months ago where they kept asking, but clearing the cache and the cookies and re-login did shut them up for some time until they asked again.

Have not had to do this for a long time.

No ads here.


You’re using an EOL kernel. You should switch to a supported kernel before it causes issues for you. I recommend reading update announcements so that you know when kernels reach EOL.


I know youtube make money from it. And I dont ask for watch youtube with adblocks enabled. Thing is I disable the adblock on the youtube site. But still get some errors when watch it.
May I describe my question not very clear make you misunderstand it

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