/usr/local uses and security

So I just set my /usr/local folder to belong to root:wheel so I could use it without a password on my admin account. Is this safe to do? Is it practical? What does Manjaro even use it for?

None of the Linux relevant files are located in /usr/local.


You can use it to store locally provide applications. E.g. self compile binaries, your own scripts, etc.

From that point of view the ownership of /usr/local is more a matter of convenience than security.


If you want a location for your user to write to then just use your $HOME .

This directory is for system-wide local-system files, e.g. system administrator-managed files rather than package-managed files.

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awesome! this is exactly the kind of thing i want to use it for i just dont want admins (wheel group) to need a password as a matter of convinience and i wanted to make sure i didnt compromise my security to do so.

i want a public location that all users can read and execute from and allow admins to write to as well.

Sounds like an ideal use of /usr/local .

There's no real need to change the group permissions though - if members of the wheel group have sudo rights then they can write to any filesystem location already.

I just wanted to avoid having to use sudo but I wanted to make sure this was safe to do.

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