/usr/local/bin permissions are not honored by the system


I am manually trying to install an application. I copied the files under /opt and tried to give soft link from /usr/local/bin directory to the binary at /opt/app/bin

I noticed even though /usr/local/bin is in the PATH, I can not access the application binary.

$ ls -ld /usr/local/bin
ls: cannot access '/usr/local/bin': Permission denied
$ sudo ls -ld /usr/local/bin
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 0 Eki 15 22:46 /usr/local/bin

The displayed permissions seem normal and I am supposed to be able to display the contents of the directory, however without sudo I can not access the directory.

I have an ubuntu machine, the /usr/local/bin directory has the same permissions and the contents can be displayed without sudo.

What could be the reason? Any help much appreciated.

Check every directory of that path:

$ ls -ld /usr /usr/local

Thank you for the reply. Yes you are right. There was a problem at /usr/local. I corrected the permission of the /usr/local as 755 and now /usr/local/bin is accessible as expected. Thank you.

ls -ld /usr/local
drwxr-x--- 1 root root 72 Eki 12 22:51 /usr/local

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