Using tiling window managers


I have been using Manjaro Gnome on my laptop and I want to try one of the tiling managers ; like awesome, i3

As far as I understood I just need to install awesome via package manager and logout. Then choose the awesome session from gdm list . Then set some config and install extra packages compositor, dmenu or rofi, polybar if I need.

Is there a risk doing it if I want to switch back to Manjaro Gnome if I dont like it ?
Which session I should use to do the awesome installation ? (like Manjaro Xorg Classic)
Any recommendations , tips or tricks I should be aware of ?
Is it also possible to try Sway on Wayland ?

No, there is no risk.
The risk where everybody’s afraid of in this forum is with KDE and Plasma an other full-fledged display manager.

Logout, choose Gnome and it behaves as before.

(Depending how you set up autostarts.)

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thank you so much

I missed the part ‚Äúdepending auto start‚ÄĚ . what do you mean ? If i set up some application with the tiling manager to autostart some applications then if I switch to regular Gnome session , does it interfere ?

This might be more confusing than intended.

Depending on how you set up autostarting programs, they might autostart twice:

If you only use the config of i3 to setup autostarting program, there is nothing interfering. A problem might occur if you use the xdg generic autostarts at ~/.config/autostart. (By default, i3 is ignoring this.)

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ok I got it .
I was planning Windows manager own config to set auto start apps so nothing with xdg generic one
but xdg generic one exists and there are some default things in it .

so if I dont add anything there and use i3 or awesomes config to set the autostart that should be OK then right ?

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