Using the manjaro-forum site causing heavy cpu payload

i don’t know what causes the problem but as soon as i’m opening the manjaro forum-site the cpu get’s heavy cpu-payload and the thermals rise up to the limits so the cpu starts throtteling. i’m using the actual firefox. this behaviour is only on the forum site. as soon as i close the site everthing get’s back to normal.
any suggestions ?

Since it is not a general problem it is something local to your system.

My first suggestion is to empty your browser cache.

Maybe disable any browser profile cache services.

i tried but it doesn’t fix the problem.

  1. Try Incognito mode.
  2. Try another browser.

You do mean right?

I get the same issue. I believe it is due to the seasonal touch to the forum website of the dynamic falling snow background being CPU intensive.

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I noticed the same behavior when choosing the Material Design Theme XMAS from Preferences > Interface > Theme, or when you’re not logged in the Forum.
If you switch to a different theme in the user preferences, CPU usage drops to normal.

Maybe the theme that was applied to the Forum platform is similar to this one?


I’m scrolling through and reading through posts and I noticed my fan is running really high. I checked Htop and I noticed Firefox is using around 90% CPU. I closed it and checked a few other pages with no issues. I came back here and it’s eating up my CPU again.

Similar escalating cpu use and temps with the fancy background. Is there a way to stop the effect?

Look at the posts above yours.
It is the forum theme, which you can change.
(and why I didnt notice as I use the dark one)


I changed to the dark theme and it solved the problem. Thanks.

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The local thing being your selection of theme :grin: because I have not seen snowfall in my browser.

EDIT - just checked the themes available - and I am using the non material dark theme which is not causing much fuzz.

Lets not forget that a browser is an application - an extensible one - using client side javascript - and the snow fall is a javascript loaded clientside by the theme - and from the looks of it - these snowflakes will require some the browser to get to work.

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Ok then, thanks for a solution… Someone would have to join the forum and change the theme to circumvent the issue. Reading the forum without being logged in [as a user], the problem is there because the fancy animated seems to be default. Maybe just me.

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Nope @palo, it’s not just you : it’s ridiculous !

I may understand that some joy & fun is needed in these difficult times, but setting a theme that just KILLS the visitors CPU and daring telling “change the theme in your personal setup” as a solution is abyssal stupidity…

Please immediately revert to something with no technical toll !!!

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