Using tabular without texlive-full

Hello there.

I was trying to use LaTeX’ tabular package but texmaker couldn’t find it. I currently have the below listed texlive packages installed and was wondering if there is a package I can get from the repos or AUR so I can use tabular without having to install texlive-full.

texlive-bibtexextra               2021.61406-1                extra           27,1 MB
texlive-bin                       2021.59745-1                extra           69,6 MB
texlive-core                      2021.61403-1                extra           410,1 MB
texlive-latexextra                2021.61405-1                extra           62,2 MB
texlive-science                   2021.61383-1                extra           16,0 MB

Thanks in advance!

I am not a LaTeX expert, but my understanding is that tabular is a built-in environment, not a package. I have (essentially) the same texlive packages as you, and I can include tabular environments in my documents without any problems.

You’re completely right. I don’t know what’s got into me. I have this weird longtable error on a script that’s not mine. But thanks. Just for the record, texlive-full from AUR sucks. I downloaded 22GB and still going while syncing local mirror.

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