Using Sunshine on Manjaro?

I need to use Moonlight with my Linux computer and I found a Linux implementation of NVidia GameStream called Sunshine on the AUR (AUR (en) - sunshine-git)
It’s so badly documented though, I’m not sure how to use it since running “sunshine” in a terminal just says
Error: Couldn't open /var/tmp/pamac-build-matteo/sunshine-git/src/sunshine-git/assets/sunshine.conf
Like why is it looking for files in the pamac build tmp folder…? I’m so confused
Thanks in advance

If I had to guess it would be because of this line

sed 's/\@SUNSHINE_EXECUTABLE_PATH\@/\/usr\/bin\/sunshine \/etc\/sunshine.conf/g' ../ > sunshine.service

in the PKGBUILD it’s built from.

But not sure why it would, as the last line tells it to copy the config to ${pkgdir}/etc/.

Did the build succeed and install fine?

It looks like it installed fine, I don’t see any errors…
Sorry for the stupid question, where’s pkgdir? So I can check if the files are there

The $pkgdir is a variable used when building the package.
So you should check if you have the .conf file in /etc/sunshine.conf.

The file is there… I tried running sunshine /etc/sunshine.conf but then it says
[2020:09:21:19:24:49]: Error: /var/tmp/pamac-build-matteo/sunshine-git/src/sunshine-git/assets/apps_linux.json: cannot open file

I noticed that in the conf file, everything is commented…

Update, I modified the conf file and uncommented most of the parameters, I added apps_linux.json to the .config/sunshine folder, now it starts, I can connect, but when I try to start the stream it crashes
I’m starting to consider giving up, it’s getting too troublesome for what I need