Using Remmina to RDP from Manjaro on one machine to Manjaro on another machine


I use Remmina in Manjaro to create a remote desktop session to another computer running Windows 10 and it works pretty well. This other computer is a dualboot machine that also runs KDE Manjaro.

I want to use Remmina running in KDE Manjaro on one machine to remote to the desktop of KDE Manjaro running on an other machine. But the way I set it up when I start an RDP session to the other machine I see a new desktop and not the existing desktop on the other machine… with all its open Applications etc… However I set it up to connect to Windows 10 I DO see all open files and applications on the Windows desktop.

How can I make that happen when connecting through Remmina to another machine running Manjaro KDE?

Thank you.


You can use vnc over ssh - maybe not the answer you want but below topics will provide exactly what you are looking for.

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