Using Pipewire instead of PulseAudio creates audio delay and lag

I’ve learned that using Pipewire allows you to select bluetooth audio codecs for BT headphones and that is in fact the case. I was able to use AptX instead of SBC on compatible headphones for example. But I’ve noticed when using Pipewire, but it creates a very weird delay or lag. For example, even when not using BT headphones, the audio would first be just muted for like 3 seconds and then audio would be out of sync for Youtube videos for several seconds after you start playing the video and somewhat gets in sync over time although it still feels like audio is lagging behind by some 10 milliseconds. Same issue when using BT headphones.

Pipewire seems superior in flexibility with BT codecs, but this delay is very annoying, especially since PulseAudio doesn’t seem to have any of these issue. I’m seeing this behavior on both, Manjaro GNOME and KDE since I’m using both on two different systems. Any ideas why this is happening and if there is any way to fix it?

The only thing I could think of is the suspend timeout. While on some chipsets you hear a popping, it doesn’t occur on your chipset, but a delay? I am just guessing. Here is what I did:

Just in case the following is helpful:

the “51-disable-suspension.lua” trick doesn’t seem to be working anymore since the last one or two stable updates - anyone else experiencing several seconds of delay with web or local audio (no BT)?