Using Pinephone Phosh Beta 3 questions

Hi all!
New Manjaro ARM user here (although used it on Desktop before).
Thanks to your amazing job, Pinephone is almost a daily-driver.
As a new user I have some questions about basic uses that I didn’t manage to find on the forum like:

  • How do I transfer files between Pinephone and Desktop (I run an Ubuntu 20.04 at the moment).
  • How do I make a screenshot.
    These are all I have for now.
    Really appreciate your help!
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Are you looking for a way to transfer files through gui or shell?
If you use shell you can run something like:

copy to phone:

scp /file/to/copy.txt user@pinephoneip:~/folder/

copy from:

scp user@pinephoneip:~/file/to/copy.txt ~/folder/

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For screenshot try Screenshot. Note that the application Software at the moment will not present any software and you MUST either search for it, eg Screenshot, in Software-Search or use pacman.

Manjaro pacman == Ubuntu apt

Regarding Screenshot, sometimes it doesnt work.

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I’m more interested how to connect the Pinephone to the laptop (MTP connection). With Ubuntu touch I could use Wifitransfer or with the phone turned off and connected to the laptop via USB by pressing Volume up and Power button simultaneous. This will expose the partitions on the eMMC and I could access the drive from shell and do my file transfers as I want.

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Have you tried bluetooth?

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Yes. I’ve managed to establish a connection between Ubuntu desktop and Pinephone. The trick is, after pairing, to click Send Files on both machines, not just one. The connection is slow and not that stable, but it does the job.

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  1. I have been syncing stuff by mounting an USB stick in nemo that I connected to the dock. It mounts in /run/media/manjaro/<usb-name>
  2. I have been taking screenshots form the terminal by running sleep 5 && grim. You can install grim with sudo pacman -S grim
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