Using pamac's automatic issue resolution in vanilla pacman

Pamac has many useful features for solving issues such as libcanberra-gstreamer needing to be removed recently, as well as solving file conflicts which appear in some updates (almost always inherited from upstream arch). This is really nice to have in terms of requiring less manual intervention from the user, and it would be great to have it in pacman as well (which has the benefit of making any other software stores such as kde discover or gnome software have fewer issues as well).

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure that the Manjaro team is willing to add functionality to pacman. It would divert from upstream arch.

I think you can make your own conclusions if you take a look at the history of commits for pacman on gitlab:

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Yes, I assumed as much. I was mostly wondering if it could be done with a plugin or library which could be installed rather than patches to pacman itself.

There already is one. It’s called pamac. It’s not pacman, just like Manjaro isn’t Arch.

Pamac is to Pacman what Manjaro is to Arch.

Pamac is an application, not a library. Correct me if I’m wrong but afaik there is no way for third party stores such as discover and gnome software (both of which use packagekit) to take advantage of these tweaks without regularly getting patches specifically for manjaro, which their respective developers of course would not wish to do. I understand that pacman isn’t manjaro’s official package manager, however the current situation is very inflexible and rather limited.

I don’t think pacman itself supports plugins. It has a library, called libalpm, which actually handles all the package stuff. Pacman is just a frontend.

Pamac has also recently created it’s own libalpm like library, called libpamac.

But as long as upstream libalpm, does not support these features or plugins on it own, no external tool that uses it, can benefit from it, unless they themselves create functions for it, just like Pamac has.

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