Using pamac to upgrade AUR packages

This might sound like a silly question, but if we have AUR packages installed, could we skip the sudo pacman -Syu step and go straight to pamac upgrade -a? Because pamac’s man page states that the -a option “also updates packages installed from AUR,” meaning that it updates packages from both the repo and AUR?

Yes, you can use

pamac upgrade -a

to upgrade all packages from Manjaro repo’s and normal packages from AUR.

Here is the wiki entry:


As this topic was split of from another topic - it is worth mentioning that while your suggestion is entirely possible and could work - the intention of the referenced topic was to minimize possible impacts from AUR packages which may or may not work with the synced and updated system packages.

If you break down your update process into smaller steps - it is much easier to handle possible issues during sync and update.

But it is entirely up to you.


Better still would be… :arrow_down:

pamac update --aur --devel

… if you want to catch all available updates/upgrades. :wink:

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What about pamac install <package> ?

I know that running the install operation for pamac does update the entire system (equivalent to sudo pacman -Syu <package>), but will it also update AUR packages? What about the reverse? Does running pamac build <aur-package> also upgrade the entire system to prevent partial updates? pamac's man page didn’t explicitly mention anything about this, so I’m asking just to be sure.

The thing is, I’m looking for a way to simplify things without having to use wrappers like yay.

If pamac install <package> does not update AUR packages automatically, it means I will have to run a pamac upgrade -a every time I install a new package.

Whenever you install a new package you should make sure ALL packages are up-to-date, so yes, run

pamac update --aur --devel

prior to all installations of new packages. But check for #announcements, first.