Using Manjaro XFCE, can i get the zsh-config from Manjaro Gnome?

Hi Manjaro Forum,

until yesterday i used Manjaro Gnome and i liked the default zsh-config very much. Today i switched to Manjaro XFCE, because i like XFCE much more than Gnome. How can i get the zsh-config and switch my default terminal in XFCE to alacritty with zsh?

Thank u in advance.

Best Regards

Hi @ziesim, and welcome!

The terminal, zsh in this case, isn’t platform-bound. So you can install it easily using pamac:

$ pamac install manjaro-zsh-config

If it isn’t already installed. I think you might then need to add it to your ~/.zshrc but I can’t remember so I’m not sure. If you have to, open the ~/.zshrc file for editing"

$ nano ~/.zshrc

In the file, look for

source /usr/share/zsh/manjaro-zsh-config

If it’s not there, add it (mine is somewhat to the bottom.)

This should then bring it back.

Hey @Mirdarthos, thank you for the very fast and helpful answer.

I got it and it’s working now on my system.

Thank you!