Using Manjaro Testing as daily branch

Is Manjaro Testing branch is good for daily use? I mean, is it buggy or not? I want to use little bit updated packages, also don’t want to move to Arch.


I use testing on my main install for 2 years almost, no issues, and i have 2 other unstable installs on the same rig with not much problems whatsoever, not something i can’t deal with quickly. Still, if you want a stable production machine and don’t want to read announcements very often, then it might not be for you to switch branches. :slight_smile:

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If there is no major issues in Testing branch, then I will keep continue using this.

Been using testing branch as my daily driver since day 1. Not had any issues that have made my system unusable and any bugs that I’ve had have pretty much been fixed the same day (there haven’t been many)

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