Using livecd v17.0.1 (and above) as grub to boot OS with broken bootloader

What do you mean 4. When booted at part Simple First Start? Does it mean boot uo to live OS?

I don’t see which topic you need help on this.
Your topic is on yakuake session short cuts which I am not familiar with though I use kde.
But to answer you above,

So you do not boot up to livecd OS at all.
At step 4. you would then boot up to the installed OS (in your computer hard drive), not the livecd OS. Hope this is clear.


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Just saw your reply at Windows 10 - Update 1809 breaking grub that no need chroot to solve that problem. Make above question(reply) to make sure each steps.

This thread is not mine about yakuake shortcut, so my topic here is about broken bootloader.

Sorry to have taken up your time on yakuake shortcut thread and thanks for your reply.

By the way, never heard 保重 at new year before.


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Chotomate. Thats how its translated in japanese? Thats not correct. See what is the meaning in russian?
Sumimasen, oh. spasbah.

Oh, it’s “take care, happy new year”. I just tried to translate your original Chinese message. What makes you think that’s incorrect? I am pretty sure it is correct (I’m a graduated Japanese interpreter - that was long ago but I still remember some things).
By the way, chottomatte has double “t”, ちょっと待って(ください). Small “tsu” doubles the next consonant.

In Russian it’s “Береги себя. С новым годом!” (Bereghí sebyá. S nóvym gódom)

谢谢 (btw this word sounds like “sesie” - at least in Google translate - but both hieroglyphs are the same - I mean it looks strange to me. Is it a common thing in Chinese?)

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Yes, it chinese, but it is old style. Too many strokes. But I’m old enough when the new style was introduced.:smile: I was taught old style in school, introduced new style after I left school.

But always be careful when translating. Translating to English from other languages may mean differently when read by native English speakers, for example, a simple ‘you’re welcome’ is often translated as '‘doesn’t matter’ or ‘small thing’ from french or italian, ‘please’ from german, ‘don’t be polite’ from chinese, ‘return’ from indonesian and do on. And of course there can be major gaffes like trying to say ‘ashamed’ in indonesian.

And there is this story/joke about Nixon asking Mao how often he has elections. Mao replied, ‘every night.’ I hear his translator was fired. Okay, bad joke.

[edit] - it is the new style. but when writing, we often use even shorter forms, anyway we seldom write anymore - all typing, so we don’t need to know how to write and many young chinese forget how to write.


“findmnt” is a great find :slight_smile:
Thank you gohlip. I enjoy reading your boot comments. Especially ‘efi’.
New computer, first time with ‘efi’ . A challenge.

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Just here to say my deepest thanks! You saved my -rear end- with your Uefi specific trouble shooting!

Thank you so very much! I was already about to give up as the system on its own would just not boot without the detour over the liveUSB

thanks thanks thanks

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What if I have two outputs that are the same:

grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release
hd0,msdos1 hd0,msdos1

I'll type these outputs out later when on my desktop (on my phone now).

More info at error: file `/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod` not found..

Use them both! One at a time.. :laughing:
What else can you do? :man_shrugging:

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Hi @gohlip.
Do your instructions only concern using livecd v17.01?
Or can any version work?
I have issues with a broken bootloader on my laptop and would like a link to an image of the version you mention so that I may attempt to fix it.

Thank you in advance.

Any version above that will work.
I had included the latest version that I had tested to make sure this works.
Apparently, I had edited this out (in my many edits) and I'm not aware that I had edited this information out.
Thanks for pointing this out.

Just FYI, previous versions (prior to 17.0.1) needed some adjsstments to the parameters to make it work for newer versions. (At least 3 times adjustments were made). The last adjustment was made with grub versions changing rapidly (not the iso adjustments) but the final grub version made it such that we still make it work with menu_auto_hide). But don't worry about it. I just like to explain things.


Thank you for your prompt reply.

When I get round to actually working on it - I'll be sure to tap you for any help if I need it.

Have a good day.

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